Im Just a normal 15 year old teen living my life.My name is Kasia. My hobbys are playing soccer,
basketball. I like to hang with friends, go to the movies, shop yeah like evry girls wants and needs lol. I can fluently speak spanish.Im currently single looking for love and when i find it i take it very seriouse lol. All my poems are normally about my life and thing that have and has happening to me. and also about my ex so yeah. Every one thanks so much for all your comments i really appriciate it a lot and when ever you comment mine ill do that double to yours. so thanks so much.


Kasia McGee Poems

Secret Love

think about you day after day,
you never seem to leave my mind.
sometimes, I even plan out what I will say.
Because i don't want to mess up in front of you... more »

My Strong Love

My love for you is so strong.
My nights are long
Since you have been gone.
I miss our love we use to share.... more »

Crush Is Lust

I once had a secret crush
People say it must be lust
they don't know the way i blush
This man is so kind... more »

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