• Broken Heart

    Why must I fall so deeply for the wrong guys? ?
    I hate falling in love,
    Then having my heart ripped from my chest.
    I honestly thought you were different,... more »

  • How?

    How can one person have so many feelings?
    How can one hate themselves so much?
    How can one have so much anger?
    How can one simply live with everything?... more »

  • Hurtful Words

    Your hurtful words
    Felt so good
    To hear them
    But now they... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish my life was better than it is.
    I wish I can get over my anxiety.
    I wish my mom was here to help.
    I wish I can express my thoughts.... more »

  • What Is Happiness?

    Is happiness something you’re supposed to feel every day?
    I was happy once.... more »