• Don'T Call Me

    Don't call me goddess
    don't call me queen
    Just call me the cutest
    Princess you have ever seen.... more »

  • Drug

    Im like a drug
    alil bit of me
    and your addicted.... more »

  • Fall

    You can fall from the sky
    You can fall from a tree
    but the best way to fall
    is in love with me..... more »

  • God

    God made coke
    god made pepsi
    god made me
    so god dam sexi... more »

  • Hate Me

    if you hate me, well i hate you to
    its not my fault that im cutier then you.
    I see you over there trying to be as fine as me
    but hunny, me just comes naturally..... more »

  • I Can

    I can be a player, a hater,
    a fighter, a bitter
    but thats not my style
    I'm just a pretty lil' girl... more »

  • I Like

    I like cherries
    you like berries
    and when we kiss
    we're not in a hurry.... more »

  • If U Do

    If you love him
    you'll set him free
    If he doesnt come back
    he's probably with me.... more »

  • If Ur

    if ur sweet, call me sugar
    if ur hot, cal me hunny
    if ur all above
    CALL ME YOURS... more »

  • Is

    Candy is sweet
    gum is sticky
    give me a kiss
    and i'll make you a hicky.... more »

  • It Takes

    It takes a minute to have a crush on someone
    An hour to like someone
    and a day to love someone
    but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.... more »

  • Library

    ... more »

  • Ma Friends

    If all my friends were to jump off a bridge
    I wouldn't jump off with them
    I'll be at the bottom to catch them.... more »

  • Ma Gurls

    ... more »

  • Mess W/ Me

    I'm sugar and spice
    I'm everything nice
    before you mess with me
    you better think twice.... more »

  • Players

    Guys are players
    thats a fact
    don't fall in love
    just play them back.... more »

  • Remember

    Remember my name
    remember my face
    cuz there aint no hunny
    that can ever take ma place.... more »

  • Sober

    ... more »

  • True True

    Girls dont lie
    we just simply
    ALTER the truth.... more »

  • Without

    Whats minnie with out mickey?
    Whats tigger with out pooh?
    Whats patrick with out spongebob?
    Whats me with out you?... more »

  • You Cant Brake My Heart

    ... more »