Kassem Oude 1955

I am french teacher at an elementary public school, I like my profession, I am an ever student, I look at novelties, I like reading well known novels, in French and English too, I am open to the world I enjoy knowing about all world cultures, I would have international friends, I adopt all scientific wiews, I like mother nature, I would fight ethic corruption. My poems reveal sheerly my personality.


Quotes (3)

If you ascribe fake epithet to your foe it is in you.
When someone accuses other of bad creeds he's worse.
It is most important that my horse be sated and after him let all pasture decay.
When someone tries to attain his wild goal whatever it costs against all's favors.
As maidens await in the trysts so for what is loitering?
When bliss is better than earth life then why should we dwell in for long?

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He is a great poet in poemhunter web.His poems are very beautiful.