• Alone

    its like im locked up in the dark
    alone with no one to hear my cries or feel my pain.
    not a soul to care and want to help.
    i sit in the corner and just think what did i do wrong.... more »

  • Christmas Magic

    time for family, love, and cheer.
    Time for the magic to appear.
    time to give not to take.
    time to cook and to bake... more »

  • Crashing

    ... more »

  • Heartbreak

    Your throat starts to close you can’t catch your breathe
    You feel your heart ripping in half all you want is to be happy again
    The thought of how things used to be makes you want to cry
    The hurt is just so overwhelming you don’t know what to do... more »

  • I Thought...

    i thought i loved you.
    i thought you loved me.
    i thought you were the one.
    i thought you were forever.... more »

  • Judged

    i am just a girl with a dream.
    i have a lot to say and a lot to do.
    i want to make a difference in life.
    i dont want to be judged and hated.... more »

  • Life...Good

    LOVE all
    HATE none
    SMILE more
    LIVE harder... more »

  • Mr 'Right'

    dark are the days
    cold are the nights
    the feeling of betray
    reaches new heights... more »

  • Questions

    how did things go wrong
    why did we grow apart
    why didnt i know how you felt
    was there always another girl... more »

  • Shit Happens

    shit happens
    then you die
    but you have to make
    that shit that happens... more »

  • Taken

    I gave you my heart and you broke it
    I gave you my trust and you cheated
    I told you I loved you and you left
    What more is there to say or do?... more »

  • The One

    ... more »

  • Too Late

    ... more »

  • Unexplainable

    ... more »