There is no way to escape drama. Everyday is a new drama. Without drama life wouldn't be here. By looking at somthing or saying something could be dramatic to someone, hence drama. Though it isn't reliable. You can try your whole life to get away from it- yet it is very much so unavoidable. But then why say somthing you don't need to? Does that really take away drama? Sometimes, yet other times no.

I take everyday as a new creation, we can make anything possible. We have the power to. So why are you sitting there? Go out and follow your dreams, write about it at the end of your adventerous day to live to tell. Keep your thoughts on a paper, and only always let the ones you know you love- that you love them, you never know when somthing will happen. And that is the beauty of life and a days work.

Follow your dreams, don't let anything stop you. Money doesn't conqure talent and love, so don't let anything stop in your way. When you shoot for your dreams, shoot high, not just the one that everyone can get- exceed your limit.

And have a smile while doing it. :)


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My Cure

Not being with you,
seems like death.
Maybe regret,
but definately pain.... more »


I know in the end I'm not good enough,
not good enough for you,
maybe good for another,
but not for you.... more »


get me,
speak to me,
hold me.... more »

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foxy babii 12 Jan 2008 05:31
hey kassie hows u lol i just read all your poems lol i like them all they are aawesome better then mine, mine are dark and usually depressing do u write many? luff hannah