• A New World


    It seems so far away,... more »

  • As The Day Breaks

    As the day breaks
    my world changes
    the clouds come out,
    covering the night moon.... more »

  • Back In His Arms.

    Its like a tight pull.
    Like someone has grabbed you,
    And when you hold your breath,
    Its like you’re drifting off into the ibis.... more »

  • Better Than You.

    His lies have traveled and carried on with him all through his whole life.
    He has never escaped them,
    and when you think the lies have disappeared,
    you have another thing coming.... more »

  • Closed

    So many times this has been ran through,
    Too many open doors.
    Not enough aware,
    how can you call one your 'best',... more »

  • Come On

    Babe what you gonna do?
    What you gunna say?
    That's okay.... more »

  • Depend

    How can we depend on someone,
    when there just going to let you down?

    Its expected-... more »

  • Do You?

    Feeling sorry for you is somthing I cant,
    and I most definately will not do.

    You dug your grave,... more »

  • Don'T Give It Up.

    Going back to the school I knew,
    only one friend,
    only one crush.... more »

  • Easy?

    Most chicks give in right away,
    I don't roll that way.
    boy you got another thing coming.... more »

  • Enough

    I know in the end I'm not good enough,
    not good enough for you,
    maybe good for another,
    but not for you.... more »

  • Friendship

    Friendship is like an ocean,
    which travels miles and miles.
    Friendship is like a plant,
    it grows and grows.... more »

  • He

    He damaged me is so many ways.
    Not exactly the abusefull moments,
    though that would have been better.... more »

  • Liplock

    get me,
    speak to me,
    hold me.... more »

  • Look At The Stars.

    Watching the stars,
    watching you watch the stars.
    Nothing can compare to your
    first true love.... more »

  • Lost, We'Re Gone.

    After that night,
    after that fight.

    You and me,... more »

  • Love Me.

    Ah, from the moment we touched,
    from the moment we met eyes,
    I knew right then,
    right there,... more »

  • My Cure

    Not being with you,
    seems like death.
    Maybe regret,
    but definately pain.... more »

  • My Fault

    im going through many many many emotions at the moment.
    one of which,
    why does it have to be me?... more »

  • None.

    He, he took it.
    He took it and threw it,
    My love for him is now useless.... more »

  • Outta Here

    im gone.
    im outta here.
    im with him.
    i love it.... more »

  • Perfect Setting.

    The gray scale,
    the tint of orange,
    around your soft skin.... more »

  • Push

    As the wind blows,
    and the thunder swears,
    I hear happiness flowing through the air.... more »

  • Secret

    The secret,
    it was well kept.
    Spread among only one.
    Inner hope was very strong,... more »

  • Slut

    Im sick of names!
    I wish that everyone thats calling me them,
    would just leave me alone!
    I dont dress any worse than you do,... more »