Now living in Somerset. Have five adult children and five Grandchildren. Also love painting and gardening.
Have been writing poetry for approximately twenty five years. Never consciously write on a subject, but rather 'as the spirit moves'. Usually don't make any adjustments to scanning, rhyme or rythm, just keep scribbling as fast as I can to catch the words as they come from somewhere.
Among my favourite poets are Longfellow, Betjeman and Pam Ayres.


Kate Beamish Poems

Snow Fall

Falling with a whisper, soft, fluttering snow,
persistently descending, deliberately slow.
Delicate flakes land one upon the other,
soon, with white blanket, everything to smother.... more »

The Village Hall

Built solidly of stone or bricks,
no pebble-dash or fancy tricks.
Constructed to perform a duty,
not meant to be a thing of beauty.... more »


Hour by hour I sit and muse
in what way my brain to use.
Shall I write or shall I read
for such effort is there need... more »

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