Warning: Poetry contained here-in is drab and quite frankly, not that good. Some written while intoxicated. Others, unfortunately not. Proceed with caution.

Surgeon General's Warning: Giving shit scores without a comment on why aggravates author to no end, and can cause long strings of expletives from said author towards anonymity and cowardice.


Kate Breeze Poems

Sweet Sweet Self-Loathing

Damn me.
I never should have...
Stopped... more »


'She just needs the right guy'
No, hun you dont.
And I think that's what I like best,
About you.... more »

Would You?

If I did something stupid,
Would you forgive me?

If I ran away today,... more »

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Jackson Kilroy 31 May 2005 09:05
Ameila saved my life back in the 'Nam.