Well first of all, thanks for coming to my page and taking the time out to read my poems. I'm a novice to all this and my poems aren't perfect and they don't have hiddent meanings through each stanza, they're just a way of expressing how I'm feeling. All my poems are about me and my life, about how i feel, about things i wish i could do, wish i could change and so on. They don't take me very long to write, but its nice to talk to people through my poems as im not very good at expressing them to face to face with people.

I really hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for looking once again.

God Bless

Kate xx


Kate Warner Poems

My Father

When I was young, I knew no different
When I was young, I didn't really care
When I was young, It made no difference
When I was young, You were never there... more »

My Love

I'm sitting here wondering
What it is im waiting for
I'm thinking and im pondering
I really dont know anymore... more »

She's Losing Her Faith

She lies alone upon her bed
With a million thoughts... more »

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