• A Blanket Of White

    Quiet were the fields in winter white
    Silent were the songs of every bird.
    Bemused, creation watched the jeweled snow
    Come gently, thickly falling, scarcely heard.... more »

  • A Little Dance Music

    I played one day a nice Swiss dance
    For Rita and her girls.
    Rita jumped up and grabbed their hands
    And pulled them into swirls.... more »

  • A Single Poem

    Many poets only have one work
    Known and remembered after they are gone
    The Mona Lisa overshadows all
    And many one-time sculptors stand alone.... more »

  • Angels In The Clouds I Find

    A melody, so sweet and true
    From a bird upon a branch,
    And an angel on a cloud
    Whose head was bowed o’er hands in prayer;... more »

  • Angels On The Clouds

    Outlined against the blue so very deep
    With bare feet planted firmly on the clouds
    The angels furled their robes in glorious sweep.
    They graced the sky with multitudes, their proud... more »

  • Empyreal

    On Chopin's 24 Etudes

    These images before my eyes
    Pass vaguely-shadows shimmering.... more »

  • Ent'Ractes

    Those frozen trunks with golden crowns

    Speaking now of summers past... more »

  • Father Has Gone To Sleep

    My father lay long in the dusk
    His form was nothing but a husk,
    The doctor said he could not heal.
    Listening close in night's soft hush... more »

  • M Y Tree While Weeping Bitter Tears

    My tree, while weeping bitter tears,
    Its strong arms drooping, twisted low,
    Low to my level-whispered songs
    Its old heart knew from the long ago.... more »

  • Mornin' Star

    While Venus was bright in the eastern sky
    We'd get up and into our Levi jeans
    Before the sun was all the way up,
    Sneak out of the house while everyone else... more »

  • My Old Wooden Bridge

    On the old wooden bridge that spanned our stream
    Many hours were spent of my childhood in dream
    Gazing, reflecting on scenes I had known
    The one hand reaching toward life and home... more »

  • My Poems

    They gaze at me
    Fearful to know
    Which? Write or throw?... more »

  • Nocturne Ii, Night's Song

    Midnight wind rushed through
    Wild trees in dark milieu-
    They bowed their heads
    And danced a pas de deux.... more »

  • Nocturne Xiv Twilight Reverie

    The sun goes down behind the dusky trees
    When twilight comes along. I’m all alone
    In the evening light
    That’s fleeing quickly into night... more »

  • Nocturne I, Evening Into Night

    Now lingers Evening; iridescent light
    Fading, folds in closing shades of Night.
    Minute fireflies flash in reverie
    Ah, the tiny sparks of mystery!... more »

  • Nocturne Iv, The Firefly

    While the darkness creeps descending
    Radiant skies have faded slowly
    In the mead and forest lowly
    Cov'ring hill and dale in night... more »

  • Nocturne Ix, Lullaby, My Child

    The inner child we all have, needs comforting to sleep.

    Come little child, O baby of mine... more »

  • Nocturne V, Lullaby-My Dreams

    Based on the style of Blake and a folksong Joan Baez sang

    If I look up and see the sky... more »

  • Nocturne Vii, Midnight Storm

    my goal is to write 24 nocturnes, after Chopin. I have 14 so far.

    That rushing siege of Midnight Storm
    Wielding her weight in mighty form,... more »

  • Nocturne X, My Ancient Stone

    All alone on an ancient stone
    Lost in the setting of the sun,
    The sound of hoofs-the rider has come
    Up to the door of my rooms.... more »

  • Nocturne Xii, Lights In The Night

    The Moon's not here tonight; she’s gone a-roaming.
    I saw her only a night or two ago,
    But when I looked again for her tonight
    She didn’t come. She won’t be back for a while.... more »

  • Nocturnexiii, Night, Fleeting

    Now, with jaded wings the fading Sun
    Sheaths his sword and sees his task well done
    Seeking somnolence within the trees
    He ends Day's reign while counting victories.... more »

  • Ships Of The Ocean Mist

    Ships are homing in for winter harbor
    Now the sun is past its evening glow
    Far in northern reaches where there's naught
    Save endless ice and glaciers and snow.... more »

  • Spirit Of Trees

    Like thoughts held deep within my heart,
    The joy that rustling leaves impart
    Brings forth life's greatest comforting
    A breathing there of subtle art.... more »

  • Synchronation

    We cannot always see our brother's heart
    And have perception only partially.
    We weep for what of love mankind has shown;
    Also for that which we have never seen.... more »