• A Collection Of Haikus

    Frost covers the window
    while snow buries the gray truck.
    This is scraped off.... more »

  • A Collection Of Haikus #2

    Heh. I'm back with more beatiful haikus.

    Fuzzy dandelion
    seeds float away on the wind.... more »

  • Caught Dead Center

    Mom's on the phone
    talking with this serious, demanding tone
    about Dad, child support and how little he does.
    It is much to my woes... more »

  • Fight On!

    I'm at my last chance.
    I have nothing to lose.
    There's a risk to take,
    And it's my time to choose!... more »

  • Lonely Little Girl

    There was a little fourth grade girl
    Roaming aimlessly, alone, looking for a friend
    when she had none, looking around...
    She moved from the swings to the basket ball court to the jungle gym to the eagle's nest on the playground.... more »

  • Random Somethings

    Someone mentions a word,
    which slows my mental blur
    and causes my mind to stir.... more »

  • Relax.

    The tension is strong...
    The worries seem to carry on...
    Anger is rising within you,
    and depression is turning you blue...... more »

  • Soul Search

    I walk through this world with many faces.
    But they show only a small trace
    Of the beautiful girl inside.
    There's bits and pieces I hide.... more »