Katellyne Baker Comments (2)

You seem cool... I like how you think you were not born soon enough... I can relate to that feeling ;)
i real enjoyed reading ur stuff, u hav a way with words for sum1 so young. my fav was Dream, that was a nice one. i liked it. im sori but i couldnt read Rape, not because but things like that make my blood boil, no one should ever have 2 go thru that or anything like it. I'll shush bout it tho cos i'll rant on bout that all day lol yea ur reali good, i'll keep an eye out for any new ones. Im new on here so could u do me a favour n read mine n let me kno please n if u can add friends on here add me cos im new n dont hav a clue how 2 use it lol how long hav u been writing then?