• A Prelude

    grandparents’ day:
    bagel halves
    drill team demonstrations
    hispanic modern art... more »

  • Anna

    boat stave ribs and thin jutting hips
    a cacophony of defiled desire
    heaving through pretty pale blooming lips
    she writhes alone on the funeral pyre... more »

  • Bury Your Dead

    i see your colored christmas lights are still up
    in the very middle of august
    you remind me of our first holiday together
    tears descending your bare cheeks... more »

  • Fragile Youth

    we shuffle home across the grainy sidewalk
    shivering against the autumn chill as we do every afternoon
    full backpacks and gaudy designer bags slung over our weary shoulders
    as usual, i unwillingly overhear the conversation around me... more »

  • Greyscale (There Is Nothing In The World)

    i often wonder what keeps me from committing suicide
    last night it happened to be pasta (accidentally topped with tomato paste)
    forty-ounce cherry-and-coca-cola frozen convenience store drinks
    two brand-new packs of mentholated marlboros... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    but i saw you today
    without the delightful pleasure
    of hasty introductions
    of trivial formalities... more »

  • Hero/Heroin(E)

    he sauntered wordlessly through the studio
    piling whatever he could fit
    into two flimsy plastic grocery bags... more »

  • Hollow-Thunk Love

    deep despicable entity oh how you spite me
    to feel this in your core on a microscopic level

    ions neutrons atoms molecules... more »

  • I Want To Be Your Methadone

    (red. green. yellow. blue.)
    in my eyes the carnival lights bathe you in such a manner
    they illuminate the dismal grey of your complexion
    enchant that polyester tragedy upon your head... more »

  • Into Heathen's Heaven

    condensed crowded words in pink ink on sallow skin
    trite innumerable nothings

    scrub and scrub half-hearted lies from indignant palms... more »

  • Lima Bean Meets The Infinite Silence

    again i am sorry
    little words

    for a grandiose apology... more »

  • Narcissus

    chewing on ice relieves sexual tension, i offer

    deliberately he crunches down
    on what is left at the bottom of his dinner glass... more »

  • Polyxena

    hip cocked
    precise curvature of womanhood
    tapered and tailored
    you say love handles... more »

  • Twelve Days

    awaiting that yellow bird
    i settle like marine snow
    ardorous, flat-on-my-face... more »