• A Poem With No Title

    What did I do so wrong?
    That made you throw me aside,
    You told me you loved me,
    I was stupid enough to believe it,... more »

  • Cant Fly

    A fallen chick without its wings, it can’t fly
    I'm sitting here alone, I can’t fly
    The fallen chick out of its nest, its wings wont let him sore
    Me sitting alone, my wings wont let me sore... more »

  • Classroom

    Sitting alone in a cold dark classroom
    Teachers yelling at you for something you don’t understand
    You sit here and think
    But you can’t think of anything... more »

  • Crippled

    Something that I know nothing of.
    Nagging expressions tearing at my heart.
    Beating.... more »

  • Does He Love Me?

    Does he love me?
    This I think so,
    He looks at me the way i think,
    That shows me that he cares,... more »

  • Echo (Similar To Freezing Tears)

    I call out your name in the pouring rain
    Thinking I will hear a response
    But all I hear is my lonely echo
    Drifting through our disgraceful earth... more »

  • Freezing Tears

    Tears running down my face,
    My breath speaking, but silent,
    I call out your name,
    But I hear no response,... more »

  • Gasping

    As she takes the thin piece of metal from her skin,
    She knows that her pain is at its end.
    Whirling and twirling the room begins to spin.
    Nobody or nothing has came to impend.... more »

  • Hacken In Heaven

    Hackins in heaven,
    The lord falls to his knees.
    Tears made of blood,
    And love made of fear.... more »

  • I Tell....

    I tell my mind not to think of you
    I tell my eyes not to look at you
    I tell my mouth not to smile
    I tell my heart not to love you... more »

  • Im Not Quite Sure Whats This Is About So Ya

    You always gave me something to believe in
    However sometimes they were false hopes
    I guess I just didn’t know where to begin
    I was just sliding down all these slopes... more »

  • Joe 3

    Everytime you smile
    everything seems worthwhile
    everytime im with some guys
    they never give me butterflys... more »

  • Mable Dodd

    Grandma i miss you so much
    i dont reamber alot of the stuff we did together
    and that is what weighs my heart
    you laid in that bed for eight years... more »

  • My Broken Heart

    I lay in bed,
    I have a pounding head,

    But yet I lay here and cry,... more »

  • My Father

    He is such a sweet man
    helping me with everything
    when i am feeling lonley
    he will come talk to me... more »

  • Not Wanting The Truth

    Don’t you hate it when he say you deserve better
    But all you want is him
    When they try to say its not you its them
    But you know its you... more »

  • R.I.P. Love

    I cant see.
    Your anger hatred blocks my eyes.
    Set your aggressions free.
    Stop telling all your lies.... more »

  • Save Me

    My mind swirling around.
    Unable to think strait.
    My vision is blurry, foggy, and spinning.... more »

  • School Time Drama

    Seated here.
    Clock ticking.
    Pencils tapping.
    Quiet.... more »

  • Such A Strong Word

    Love such a strong word
    but yet you cant explain it
    its just something that is extrodinary... more »

  • Sway

    She gave her heart away.
    A price she had to pay.... more »

  • The Glass With The Face Of Jesus

    The glass with the face of Jesus
    stareing into my eyes
    makes me feel alittle insequre
    because of the sins i have created... more »

  • To Him

    What if someone you loved no longer cares?
    You date other people but no one else compairs.
    He has moved on,
    The love is long gone.... more »

  • Why Would It Matter?

    Why would it matter?
    If she died.
    Why would it matter?
    Nobody cried.... more »

  • Without Something

    A pencel without paper
    fabrics without a draiper
    a world without time
    a world without a rhyme... more »