• Anger

    anger erupts from every pore
    steam spills out my ears
    every day more and more
    i wish you far from here... more »

  • Fear

    fear dulls my mind
    so i cant think straight
    i pretend to be fine
    like the fear doesnt matter... more »

  • Goodbye

    we need to talk
    about you and me
    i cant say us
    you said it couldnt be... more »

  • I Hate My Father

    i hate my father
    for leaving us.
    for treating mom like that.
    for never following through on his many promises.... more »

  • I Love You [so Cliche But Smiley]

    i love the way you talk
    i love the way you walk
    i love the way you balk
    at the idea of hurting me... more »

  • Innocence

    Innocence is
    the cloak that shields the evil in the world
    the veil that blinds you to your father's faults
    the protection from the bad things in life that threaten to destroy... more »

  • Joy

    there is joy in this world
    you just have to find it
    look deeper, look harder
    search for it, never quit... more »

  • No Regrets

    depression sets in
    seeps down in my bones
    i know it will win
    this thought drives the sadness home... more »

  • Phobia Of Me

    bouncing around inside my head
    trying to escape this feeling
    the feeling of anger and fear
    so intense my mind is reeling... more »

  • Stress Induced Madness

    everything is surrounding
    pushing me down
    falling, faster im falling
    without a sound... more »

  • Tears

    tears fall down my face
    as my already wounded heart breaks.
    in that heart there is an empty space
    where he used to have a place.... more »

  • The Deed To My Heart

    not a word can be said
    to the woman who controls
    if she hears ill be dead
    broken, ripped, no longer whole... more »

  • What Do You See

    look at me
    do you see
    that i could be?... more »