• And I Remember Mother And Father And

    I remember a mother, pretty and dark with deep eyes and all her teeth, with a big pearl through her ear.
    I remember the stray lock that was always escaping from her kerchief, and how when I was little, when I was still at her breast, I would paw at it or play with her jingling bracelets and tangle myself in her skirts.
    I remember a father, who would usually come home late and frowning but would smile anyway and toss me up in the air.
    Sometimes he would come home and empty his pouch full of shiny things on the table and we would all gather around and play with the watches and jewelry and funny coins.... more »

  • First Time Needs No Love

    Now, this won't hurt a bit.
    First time, you panic.
    It's okay, everyone does.... more »

  • I'M Sorry, Brother

    I'm Sorry.
    I'm sorry for my failings as a sister.
    I'm sorry for all of the things I didn't do
    And for all the things I did.... more »

  • Listen To My Pain, Lily

    I want to talk to you right now, Lily. I really do.
    I need someone to talk to,
    and you're the only one I can trust.
    I'm in my basement, now.... more »

  • Ocean

    I've promised myself to the ocean.
    No other.
    I was young, then, and as I gazed at the waves I knew I wanted the ocean, and only it.... more »

  • Selling Fruit

    Fruit, fruit, we're selling fruit!

    And that's what it is to them.
    Fruit.... more »

  • The Truth

    They say they say
    that the truth shall set you free
    but I know the truth
    and it chains me... more »

  • This Problem Of Mine

    Why do you think I don't come downstairs?

    There's really only one explanation:
    it's because you're down there.... more »

  • To A Breaking Family

    You do realize, of course, that this strife spreads.
    It isn't just you who cries.
    But the whole house shakes as we pick up the broken pieces.... more »