• A Bird In Flight

    Your laugh rides on the back of the wind
    Like a bird with her wings spread wide
    soaring on the waves of an early spring breeze
    and perches herself upon my listening ears... more »

  • A Dream Of You

    I dreamt of you again last night
    Of the soft curve
    Of your smiling lips
    Of your voice... more »

  • A Fool In Love

    It's a funny thing - Love
    It pulls the heart apart
    While mending it back together.
    It can render you blind... more »

  • A Spring Love

    Take my hand and leade me
    to a place where the sun
    shines so brightly
    that my eyes should... more »

  • A Word Of Advice

    I know you've read this
    So let me make this clear
    Don't piss off the person
    Who holds the key... more »

  • Alone

    Her face is void of emotion
    Considering the commotion.
    She is feeling numb.
    Her brain is not stopping... more »

  • Alphabet Symphony

    An awe struck child sits
    Legs folded
    mouth agape with wonder
    Images flood in... more »

  • Angry, Vengeful Woman

    How can I question
    That which had kept me sane for so long?
    The words by which I had found my calm
    now render storms within my being.... more »

  • Another Dance In Darkness

    I dance alone in the shadows

    My feet barely touching the ground... more »

  • Anyone

    Is there anyone that loves you?
    Is there anyone that cares?... more »

  • Ask Of Myself

    Give me the courage

    To do what i cannot... more »

  • Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

    What is beauty?

    Am i beautiful?... more »

  • Believing In Me

    Do you believe in me when i tell you that i love you?
    Do you believe in me when i tell you that i care?... more »

  • Better Days

    To those who may feel
    The burden of the world on your shoulders.
    Who feel like they're caught
    Between oblivion and everything... more »

  • Birds And Citadels

    Your words taste familiar
    Like some forgotten tongue
    Tracing the roof of my mouth
    Dancing on the back of my teeth... more »

  • Bless Me Father

    Bless me father, for I have sinned.
    I have never been to confession.
    Today is the last day of my life.
    and I fear my soul is no longer... more »

  • Blood Red Sun

    ... more »

  • Butterfly

    gentle and soft
    are your wings of neon green.
    Floating on air as if you were a part of the wind.
    Silent whispers escape... more »

  • Candy Sweet Kisses On Rivers Of Red

    Deep, and dark

    the inner recesses of my mind... more »

  • Carnal Hunger

    I look into your eyes
    And the promise of forever dances
    Just beyond the blue horizon of your soul
    Your every move... more »

  • Carols For The Wicked

    Tis the season for remorse.
    for unforgotten troubles.
    For Laughable accusations,
    that have no ground.... more »

  • Cave Exploration

    I am the explorer
    the seeker
    the maker
    In the dark I dance... more »

  • Chasing Youth

    Betwixt the silence of the night
    And the bursts of the rising sun
    Our passions lay claim to darkness
    And our secrets become undone... more »

  • Chocolate

    I taste there
    On the tip of my
    Taut... more »

  • Citrus Blossoms

    I can see once again the home that i have never known
    The blind now with sight, stand in awe
    the scent of Citrus blossoms fill the air
    and the ocean breeze carries with it... more »