• Clouds

    I look upon the sky

    for answers that cannot be found... more »

  • Conquesting The Universe Of A Woman

    The earth quakes

    it shakes... more »

  • Constellations

    I looked up at the stars last night
    And saw the twinkle of your soul
    Dancing between constellations
    And though it hurt to see it... more »

  • Damnation

    Eternal damnation awaits the adulteress
    and so I would be, if I had my way with you
    I would strip you naked
    and rub you raw... more »

  • Dancing In The Shadows

    Dancing in the shadows.
    My mind races through delicate thoughts
    Trapped in my humble abode
    Lost in the vast dark caverns of my mind... more »

  • Day Dreamer

    How foolish is the dreamer?
    Foolish that he spends his time
    yearning for days not his own.
    He takes a drink from the devils cup... more »

  • Death In Your Arms

    I imagine there
    Just beyond my reach
    Like a babe
    with outstretched... more »

  • Demons

    Creeping in the night
    My demons hide
    Dripping syliva
    Smelling of blood and sweat... more »

  • Dreamless Slumber

    Flightless nights of dreamless slumber
    fill the ever quenching void within my soul
    I have made many decisions in my past
    some of which I am not proud of.... more »

  • Dying Dreams

    My heart aches
    as I see
    the flame that is my dream
    slowly extinguish... more »

  • Empty Womb

    I cry out
    And my sorrow runs
    So deeply
    That the voice of God... more »

  • Fantasy Dreamer


    rigid-though-they-may-be... more »

  • Fish

    Like a small child
    With outstretched
    And wanting arms
    You wander through life... more »

  • Fleeting Moments

    A fleeting moment
    Lies between
    What once was
    And what could be... more »

  • Flesh Want

    It is hard for me to be near you
    To have your voice fill my ears
    Your scent, my nose
    Your body so close to mine... more »

  • For The Lovers

    Swaying to the sounds of
    The earth.
    The wind,
    The stars.... more »

  • Forgive Me

    I never meant to hurt you.
    I never meant to make you cry.... more »

  • Goddess

    I want to taste your skin, your sin
    to see if you truly are some god.
    I want to drink from the pools
    of your never ending eyes... more »

  • Green Screens

    It's a strange thing
    To read
    To write
    To speak... more »

  • Green Sweater

    I lie here with my thoughts,
    with my dreams,
    with my nightmares.
    I lie here with a warm, green sweater,... more »

  • Happy Thoughts

    the ocean... more »

  • Haze

    As I sit and think
    Residing in that fuzzy space
    Between sleep and awake
    My mind wanders... more »

  • Honeysuckle Kisses

    Honeysuckle kisses blown into the wind
    Promise him the face of forever
    He knows that it cannot be
    and yet... more »

  • How Beautiful

    How beautiful your mind
    in its jumbled heap
    lying upon the floor
    decoding, rewriting,... more »

  • I Know You

    I know you

    I know the small curve of your smile
    That lingers there... more »