• I'll Be Home For Christmas

    What do you do
    When your body is in a place
    That your heart is not?... more »

  • In Her Eyes

    Her laughing eyes shone bright
    Tears falling to the ground
    The world saw her smile
    Her soul saw her pain... more »

  • Ink

    I see the ink in the small of your back
    A small piece of forever
    On your beautiful body
    And I kiss it.... more »

  • Inkwells And Parchment

    Too long has it been
    since my pen has met paper

    My thoughts preoccupied... more »

  • Insert Sence Here

    Mother, mother, count to one

    watch my stiches come undone... more »

  • Instant Gratification

    All of this whimsical nonsence you speak of
    It conufses me and angers me to no end

    How can you sit there and say these things... more »

  • Kiss Me

    Kiss me now.
    Tell me all the things I long to hear.
    Tell me that I am beautiful.
    Tell me that you want me.... more »

  • Knots And Spots

    On the wall
    Screaming... more »

  • La La Land

    I am floating through space and time

    Seeing colors that have yet to be named... more »

  • Laughter

    The laughter on your breath
    Carries my soul to the stars
    And cradles my heart ever so gently
    So gently, in fact... more »

  • Lavender Moon

    Crazy top-hat mad... more »

  • Lingering Kisses

    A lingering kiss remains on my lips
    I can feel your warm skin below... more »

  • Lioness In The Shadows

    What a cruel god to create such an animal
    The kind who wants what she cannot have
    The massochistic beast that
    surrounds itself with delectible prey... more »

  • Lost Chance

    A bitter taste fills my mouth
    Rolling off the back of my tounge
    in waves.
    Like the crashing tides of a distant shore.... more »

  • Making Sence

    The mediocracy of my life beguiles me
    to the infinate possiblilities of my imagination.
    The ever streaming concious thought
    defers me from my past... more »

  • Memories

    I can think up many memories.
    I can remember many dreams.... more »

  • Mighty Be My Quill

    Mighty be my quil
    Black ink pours from your open mouth
    as thoughts from my mind emerge
    and take root on yellow stained parchment.... more »

  • Mind

    I am stronger now then I once was.
    My tired muscles exerted to exhaustion.
    Like a taffy pulled to near its break.
    The force of a typhoon has been set upon me.... more »

  • Mother, Lover, Not

    Long legs stretched out
    for what seems to be miles
    on an old beaten rug... more »

  • Mule

    I remain the mule.
    The animal to which you ride
    and use
    without consideration.... more »

  • My Everything

    Everytime im sitting alone i wonder what youre doing.
    Everytime im sitting with you i wonder what your thinking.... more »

  • My Friend, The Writer

    She sits at her desk,
    pen to paper,
    pen to mouth,
    Scratching and... more »

  • My Mind

    Beauty envelops layers of ever streaming thoughts
    Falling over rivers of deep emotion and love.... more »

  • Numb

    In my fingers
    Behind my eyes
    In my hollow heart.... more »

  • Oblivion

    Fall off the edge and taste oblivion.
    Let it envelop you in a blanket of shadows.
    Let it fill you with it's sweet wine
    Dripping red... more »