• The Sleeping Giant

    acidic vapor
    spews from the slumbering giant
    Choking all of those
    unfortunate souls... more »

  • The Waves Of A Woman's Soul

    There is a certain sadness behind her eyes
    I can see there, the deep blue oceans waves
    Lapping ever so gently
    Just beyond her tear filled lids... more »

  • The Woman Next Door

    A thin trail of smoke
    escapes my parted lips
    Sun drenched Sighs of sorrow
    Fill the thick evening air.... more »

  • This Is Who I Am

    lost in a sea of translatory confusion

    what in this world is now right?... more »

  • To The Ocean

    I want to make you crazy
    I want you to drown in your own thought
    Overwhelmed by the engulfing waves
    And the crashing tides... more »

  • To The Woman With The Ivory Skin

    How long has it been
    since a woman has touched
    your naked flesh... more »

  • To Venture Through Hell

    I look up at the darkening sky
    and say my sorrow filled goodbyes
    Leaving for a place you do not know
    Beneath the ice and hardened snow.... more »

  • To You, The Shadow Keeper

    Ever streaming concious thought

    bubbles up and over flows... more »

  • Twilight

    Twilight dances
    Just beyond
    My side long eyes
    Peering into eternity... more »

  • Twitterpaited

    ... more »

  • Venom

    One, Two, Three.
    Steady yourself
    On your high horse of satisfaction
    Defamation... more »

  • Waiting

    I would wait a lifetime to watch the sunrise
    I would wait a lifetime to cry... more »

  • Water Crest And Bubbles

    Water crest
    and bubbles
    woolen socks
    and troubles... more »

  • What My Pen Knows

    Letters escape from the tip of my pen.
    Forming images, and feelings
    Like little fairies that dance on the edge of the horizon
    They are of the unknown.... more »

  • When Worlds Collide

    There are days when I hate to love you.
    When you are the only thing that makes me go crazy
    while I'm trying to keep calmly sane.
    There are days when you are painfully beautiful.... more »

  • Whispering Walls

    I feel no shame
    in saying that I love you
    No truer words have passed my parted lips
    No thought unturned,... more »

  • Why Do I Speak?

    Not every word
    That comes forth
    From my inner chasms
    Will resonate with you... more »

  • Winter Mornings

    White snow drifts slowly to the ground
    each small snowflake dancing in unison.
    The cold nips at my nose.
    My frosty breath fills the morning air.... more »

  • With This Kiss

    With this kiss
    I hope you feel happiness.
    I hope you feel a sense of being whole.
    With this lingering kiss... more »

  • Yearning

    I look to you for answers
    To questions I dare not ask

    And as our eyes meet... more »