• A Dream Sung Sweetly Upon A Starlit Manor Sitting Daintily Atop A Tainted Hill; ;

    if you dream.
    Dream of me
    an endless song;
    Or symphony-... more »

  • Abandoning A Hopeless Dream

    That feeling of utter despair,
    ringed by a chance of false hope.
    That everything is true, and will be alright.
    Maybe i'm just a huge dreamer,... more »

  • Abandonment That Doesn'T Count

    Living in the absinity of society
    bland and roughly strewn together in the midst of wars
    both internal and external
    rough and bloody... more »

  • Absent Mindedness

    How can one human being contort their bleak spirits into blazing specimen of lascviatiousness?
    Staring into a tiny crypt in the wall,
    it appearing as if blinking from unltra violet to black at a quick pulsation,
    the prowess beauty of human's intimate relationship with anatomy...... more »

  • Adieu

    Paris is just like me...
    Its split;
    The somewhat angry, snappy attitude of the people there along with the hopeless romance and beauty; amongst the variety and wonder the city holds.... more »

  • Alas, Another Lie

    If you were to mutter 'yes'..
    that would surely please me,
    one must consider the truthfulness of a yes... more »

  • Bellicima

    If I could just hold you, one more time...
    I would give anything,
    to stroke your soft, feathery fur,... more »

  • Blasphemous Prejudice

    That moment where you're organ's numb, and your heart sinks into the bottom of your feet while you sob relentless of the absolute uselessness it holds.
    'Why? ! ' Some may cry out in the midst of their despair...
    'Frankly my dear, it is because he never truly loved you.'... more »

  • Bondage By Love

    I never knew, nor, expected to discover what Love felt like this way- The pain and suffering the agony true love holds, beneath it's seemingly warm and cuddly shell...
    It may have well been my deadly fate lying before my eyes as soon as they first lay their greedy eyes upon me.... more »

  • Broken Promises

    I love you,
    'You twisted ignorant freak...'
    why do you follow me around
    and not say a word?... more »

  • Confessionment

    Pure sorrow within the aingst of dispair..
    Is the night I wished upon a star,
    to naught wake up to see day;
    sealing the deal off with pills,... more »

  • Death

    You wish for something that shall come naturally..
    Something mortal
    cruel..... more »

  • Death..Or A New Life?

    When everything 'ends'...
    It's not REALLY the end,
    it's merely a new beginning,
    Death is not quite as horrible as it seems..... more »

  • Devils Cake

    He is so intensely angry
    At everything that moves
    his eyes, dull
    pissed... more »

  • Everything

    Everyone is living in a fairytale,
    religion, insignificant,
    individuality, your mind.
    which people consider faulty and unreal...... more »

  • Forgotten

    Why are you gone,
    away from my studying eyes?
    I miss you so....
    My dead but beating heart...... more »

  • Forgottn

    Why are you gone,
    away from my studying eyes?
    I miss you so....
    My dead but beating heart...... more »

  • Goodbye?

    If you were ever to break a heart,
    would you have any reasonable excuse?
    There are many ways to destroy a soul,
    yet the easiest way is through Love... more »

  • Heartache Of A Fallen Romantic

    How quickly Love can turn to Hate,
    Just how much difference a few seconds could make? ...
    Limitless change...
    If it weren't this hard,... more »

  • I Promise To Remain Clean, My Dear

    In my dreams,
    I sit upon your golden worthy lap
    I stare into your orbs of absolute love
    I promise,... more »

  • I Wanted To Die

    Re written from a wanted to be forgotten past,
    you far apart
    i awaiting my long remenessed, death
    merely wishing... more »

  • Leeches

    If there happened to be a leech upon your hand;
    which also happened to be your soul...
    what would you do?
    Or what could you do? -... more »

  • Light In The Darkness

    In your darkest hour...
    there is always a light,
    whether it's a tiny spark
    or a flamboyant beacon of fire,... more »

  • Necropheliac

    She hardens in repulsion as he draws his cold,
    bone fingers across her sunkist skin.
    sending terrifying goose bumps all across her body.... more »

  • Past

    I am speaking past the trees and old willows. Spanish moss grazing amomg the vines and limbs of tese enormous live oaks as we drive past marhes and cemetraries. The uneasy feeling of wanting and knowing fuels my efforts as i speak to the darkness.... more »