• Dark Days

    Where the light in my world?
    Am I blind to it?
    I want to be happy like everyone else i see
    But all i have is this fake smile... more »

  • Keshawnti The Angel

    He steps in the room
    my whole face lights up
    like a ray of sunshine
    My love is my sun... more »

  • Kill You

    I feel my blood run cold
    No longer feel the heat of you
    Everything we been through now im done
    You walk away not even turning back... more »

  • Monster

    Maybe its living inside of me?
    Or am I dreaming of all of the lies?
    Nomore hiding the thing that inside of me
    Sorry but I cant change who I am... more »

  • Nightmare

    Noone knows how to stop them from happening
    Incredibly there is cure for them
    Getting ready for the ongoing battles that takes place
    Hard to deal with the demons every night... more »

  • Passionate

    I met you by the chance of fate
    Now we are loving each other like never before
    The warmth is nothing like ever felt before
    It different then normal people... more »

  • Tears

    Why am I crying for you?
    You dont even see me anymore...
    I disappear from your veiw
    Why do you hate me so?... more »