• A Change Of Heart

    My heart is pounding
    like never before
    my eyes are swollen
    my legs are sore... more »

  • A Tired Friend

    There she sits
    with her book in her lap
    and her eyes in the book
    and a look in her eye... more »

  • A Virtue Well Tested

    'Patience, my child'
    said with a loving touch
    to calm the little one's restlessness,
    that time is not moving quite fast enough... more »

  • Be My

    Be my day,
    and I will be your night
    to illuminate your life with my stars.
    Be my home,... more »

  • Cold Again

    Click, click
    go her shoes on the cold cement
    as she turns her back
    on what had meant... more »

  • Dancing On Air

    The room is dark and silent,
    The window lets the winter in,
    But in your bed, in your arms,
    The music for our dance begins.... more »

  • Exit Stage Right

    i’m sorry about before

    sometimes you make me so angry
    but i have no right to be... more »

  • Fall Breath (Rhymed)

    We sat in the fake lights of the city,
    simply talking and looking back
    on our lives... more »

  • Fall Breath (Unrhymed)

    We sat in the fake city lights of the city
    talking and looking back
    at our lives spent a part.
    Reflecting is what he called it,... more »

  • For My Silent One

    I lost you again
    to the sound of the wind
    and the color of the sky
    as you run by... more »

  • He Protected Me

    He protected me tonight
    from a seemingly harmless danger,
    and I feel compelled to love him for it.
    But how?... more »

  • Here Is Why

    I don’t care what you do
    it’s definitely none of my business
    But you were the one that said
    you’d be my friend... more »

  • I Can'T Anymore

    I can't help
    these terrible thoughts about
    and how easy it would be... more »

  • Internal Conflict

    I feel helpless
    what can I do for him
    he won't let me in,
    but he never really could... more »

  • Life Was A Dream Come True

    I want to sleep
    But I can't
    For in my sleep I dream
    and unlike many, I always dream.... more »

  • Like Annie

    I feel like Annie,
    waiting, waiting, waiting,
    for something,... more »

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, mirror
    Reveal to me
    The cause of my discrepancy
    And foolishness... more »

  • My Attempt

    I stepped on the same cracks in the sidewalk
    at the same time you did,
    and walked in your footsteps
    as we climbed the stairs... more »

  • My Monotony

    It is sad that my words cannot change,
    The same nouns, verbs, and adjectives,
    Continue to fill the page.... more »

  • Neither Knowing

    My fingers through your hair
    but you don't know
    for you are off to a world
    that I can't follow you to... more »

  • No Doubts Of You

    When you told me
    my heart was cold to you;
    the truth was in my heart
    i really wanted you,... more »

  • No We, Just Me

    It must just be me
    and the way that I look
    or the vibe I give off
    that keeps pushing you away.... more »

  • Roses And Rings

    She heads toward me
    with a bright-eyed smile
    and a look that speaks
    more words than she knows... more »

  • Second Chance For Love

    Take my hand
    Although it is cold
    Believe my words
    Even if they seem old... more »

  • Secret Love

    My heart may not be so cold
    nor my eyes so crystal clear
    as the glaciers, but I am bold
    enough to tell you of my fear... more »