• Beautiful Embrace

    I look into your beautiful eyes
    It makes the world turn to darkness
    I'm so captivated by your beauty
    This sick pleasure enchants my body... more »

  • Bitter End

    These tears are drying
    My blood is boiling
    Sadness turns into anger... more »

  • Goodbye

    It was time for her to go
    but this was her biggest goodbye
    She wouldnt dare for him to see her cry
    She looked across the room... more »

  • In One

    We lay under the stars
    On this cool summer night
    We lay on the cool grass
    Looking blankly into the sky... more »

  • Slowly Falling

    I'm infected with this feeling
    It boils in my blood
    Empty apologies are sick of me
    Stop with these petty lies... more »

  • Something...

    Something inside me broke
    Something inside me is lost
    It makes me sick to my stomach;
    It makes me want to chock.... more »

  • The Pain Has Just Started

    I used to never belive in love
    They said it was beautiful
    Like and angel,
    or a dove.... more »

  • Things Left Unsaid

    You looked at me
    and you wouldn't look away
    Oh, so many things
    I wanted to say.... more »

  • Thrown To The Wolves

    My eyes filled with tears
    Tormented by these demons
    You looked down on me for the last time
    And threw me to the wolves... more »

  • You Save Me

    I walk alone on a dirty road
    Scared and frightened of the unknown
    I hold myself; for it is cold
    I look around; I'm all alone.... more »