• A Beautiful Fez

    A beautiful fez
    stained with iridescent sweat,
    dappled by muddy rains,
    is perched at a jaunty angle... more »

  • A Water-Colored World

    For James Schuyler

    I had wanted to write your elegy
    on the subway,... more »

  • Ad Catacumbas

    Hollow as a seashell
    and as washed in light,
    Caecelia Metella’s tomb lies open
    to the sun, her self... more »

  • Africana Res

    They line the bridge of angels,
    line the streets,
    sell golly-woggles by the Trevi,
    fake designer bags on mats... more »

  • Big Dipper

    Now Charles’ Wain hangs pendant in the sky
    this clear, cold night. Folklore made the King
    and Emperor a saint at times, or pictured farming
    the far and stony reaches there on high... more »

  • Breathing The Ruins - 9/11/01

    They are all recovered, blowing across our lips,
    finding the secret haven of lungs and veins.
    Deep in our flesh are the steel, cement,
    PCBs, vinyl films, plastic fibers,... more »

  • Byron In Greece

    This is where love occurs:
    on an unexceptional day
    full of grit, mud, burrs,
    with the sky piddling grey.... more »

  • Clifting

    The limestone crumbles
    under our scrabbling feet,
    the fossil starfish
    glimmer just out of sight.... more »

  • Conversation

    It is morning, Rome.... more »

  • February 15th

    Rose petals litter the subway car
    on the Saturday morning.
    Spilled from the full bouquets
    of the flushed and happy... more »

  • Irish-American

    Forever alien in this pleasant land,
    the hyphenated ones, with double home
    long after generations should demand
    a single eye should cease to roam... more »

  • Largo Argentina

    Transmogrified, the moggies thrive
    among the columns.

    Was the unknown temple... more »

  • Meeting You

    There is always a station and a clock
    that slips our time away on silver rails.
    Over your shoulder I see it come,
    that dragon's-breath of steam; I hear... more »

  • Pelion

    The small owls cry
    through the centaur's woods,
    bronze wings clashing
    through the dry autumnal leaves.... more »

  • Pound At St. Elizabeth's

    A clear monastic cell, a single bunk,
    small desk, and the crates still warm
    with the California sun-
    smell of oranges... more »

  • Pyramid Of Cestus

    At the foot of the Aventine
    the Protestant cemetery,
    and the ultimate tourist souvenir
    where Cestus was buried.... more »

  • Reflections

    So lonesome a ghost I’d be,
    presuming I ever dared to haunt you at all;
    none of your grand ghosts to brag of,
    just a chill in the back hall.... more »

  • The Air Abandons

    Under the clear occluding air
    scent of pines, olives, goats,
    the occasional chuckling donkey,
    stone and water.... more »

  • The Rule Of Names

    Wrapped in a Russian army cloak
    and the coarse cheesecloth
    of legend, I fell in love
    with the onion domes... more »

  • Tiber

    Grey-green industrial cleaner
    miscalled the Tiber
    washes around the frozen ship
    of Aesculapius... more »