Kathleen West

The power of words, and how it affects people, is amazing to me. Words create understanding between people. The rhythm of a beautifully written verse, has an almost musical flow to it, and is a joy to the reader.

I started writing poetry in my early teens, and ever since, have kept my best writings in a book. Some of my poems were written for a special occassion, others given as a gift, and some were written at hard times in my life. Life has many stages, and I am eager to embrace each one to the fullest!



Comments (3)

Hello Kathleen, I was wondering when you Published you're Poem called My Horse And Me? ? ? Please Email me at 52401trinitylismore.nsw.edu.au or anyone who knows when this poem was published please email me ASAP, as i need to know. Thanks you very much
you got some pretty neat stuff lady
I Love your poems! The first two had me sitting in my office crying so now everyone at work is questioning my red eyes. Thanks for the great read!