• (no) Care Bear

    When I hug this teddy bear
    It almost feels like you still care.
    We haven't talked in o-so long.
    When e're I need you, you are gone.... more »

  • A 36.8º Angle

    Two straight, red lines cross at a thirty-six-point-eight-degree angle.
    Beneath them old scars still sit,
    But only these new lines still sting.
    Scar lapping scar beneath the new red tide,... more »

  • A Beautiful End

    Have you ever seen the city by night?
    Seen civilization at it’s height?
    Been overwhelmed by many a headlight?
    And wondered what it would be like…... more »

  • A Midnight Black As Blood

    In your face, splattered here and there, I see my own...
    No, not my brows of stiff black hair,
    Nor your eyes that shone,
    Not your skin, so soft and fair,... more »

  • A Thread Of Hope

    If I can discern no point in living,
    Why am I afraid of death?
    Why do I fear pain and sorrow
    And seek acceptance?... more »

  • A World Full Of People

    People have poisoned this world.
    Every single one is selfish
    And impossible to satisfy.
    All care about nothing but themselves... more »

  • And Do They Hear Him...

    And do they hear him crying?
    Streams flow from high to low,
    Down, down cheeks and mountain-like peaked lips.... more »

  • Boredom

    The feeling is common but temporary.
    Or is it? Is life what it seems?
    People yawn and laze and complain.
    People say they've nothing to do.... more »

  • Chicago Teddy Bear

    Pretend that I'm this teddy bear,
    And you're that loose thread hanging there.
    Clearly you held me together before,
    But you're barely part of me any more.... more »

  • Don'T Hurt Me

    Why do I trust you so damn much?
    In the past you have betrayed my trust
    And left me dangling way up here.
    I rot and dry and fall so near... more »

  • Dreams Of The Heart

    I had a dream that told of love,
    But love I do not think it was.
    Maybe curiosity.
    That's what my dream may truly be.... more »

  • Emotions Are Not An Ocean

    Emotions are not an ocean,
    They are more obscure.
    What lies in my heart and sits on my mind
    Is too vague,... more »

  • Every Once In A While...

    I am a singular human being.
    I go through the motions of life, -
    Eating, sleeping, walking, working-
    But am unaffected by them.... more »

  • Fear, Hate, Depression, Love...

    What's undefinable and yet so real
    Always proves painful to feel.
    Through what window my soul views you I do not know.
    I'm both relieved and sad to I watch you go.... more »

  • Hot Lonely Land

    Stark desert filled with sand,
    Not hollow nor pregnant but flat,
    You lie in the sun hotly and most alone.... more »

  • Human Frailty, I Cannot Overcome It

    So weak.
    I don't understand.
    My mind is clear,
    I know where I stand.... more »

  • I Believe It Has Been Said Before...

    I believe it has been said before,
    But let me say it one time more:
    All of this, you and me,
    And everything we used to be,... more »

  • I Don'T Feel Under Appreciated

    I am under appreciated.
    I try, really try, to help others;
    To please friends,
    But they don't see... more »

  • I Swear I Loved You

    Strange how endings come and go.
    Then come again just one last time.
    Before 'goodbye' I did not know
    We need a reason for each rhyme.... more »

  • Impenetrable Winter

    A lonesome howl resounds solemnly over the blue-shadowed snow.
    A whimpering limps across the blank expanse
    As a wolf pup walks alone.
    Injured, the little one struggles on.... more »

  • In The Way

    There's something I must say.
    I've got to get it out.
    It's getting in my way.
    I really want to shout,... more »

  • Life Isn'T Fair

    “Chirp chirp chirp! ”
    The little birdie sings.
    “Chirp chirp chirp! ”
    The robin’s song rings.... more »

  • Looking In From Without

    What's going through your head and heart are clear.
    It's obvious to me that you're not sincere.
    I know you're just trying to give them hopes
    From which they will later hang by ropes.... more »

  • Love

    A reluctant tear streams from my eye
    As you dissapear again from my side.

    I love you.... more »

  • Love Realized

    My hope,
    Boundless as an ebony mare running through fields of love,
    Rises high as the stars above,
    and far beyond.... more »