High school student going through the ups and downs of life trying to find an outlit in poetry. I love feedback and hope you enjoy some of my writing, thanks.


Kathlene Ann Poems

(no) Care Bear

When I hug this teddy bear
It almost feels like you still care.
We haven't talked in o-so long.
When e're I need you, you are gone.... more »

Trust Betrayed

You say you trust me.
Once I trusted you too.
A promise, broken.
You continue to renew the promise.... more »


The feeling is common but temporary.
Or is it? Is life what it seems?
People yawn and laze and complain.
People say they've nothing to do.... more »

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Jerry Hughes 14 Jan 2008 03:45
Kath, you're gifted with imagination therefore potential. The only advice I offer is, write from the heart but learn to edit from the head. Fondly, Jerry