• Tainted

    Everything she used to be
    everything she wanted
    flew out the window when she started to lie
    and now she lays down every night... more »

  • Tell Me When

    Tell me when
    I will stop feeling
    insane... more »

  • The Hole

    The hole seems to grow
    each day you aren't here
    it becomes a bigger eye sore
    for the world to bare... more »

  • There Will Come A Day

    There will be a day
    when people begin to see
    that beautiful people
    hide behind ugly things... more »

  • Thief

    You stole the blood out of my face

    you smile
    and steal my breath... more »

  • Thoughts

    When all I can think of is you
    and what you do for me
    I know I am alone
    and when I feel alone... more »

  • Time

    They get paid
    by the pain you feel
    by the number of things they can tell you
    that are wrong... more »

  • Time In A Bottle

    Call it a freeze frame
    like sand in a bottle
    if you hold it still
    and just the right way... more »

  • Too Long

    I want you to know
    I would rather you go
    and come back the man
    I know you can be... more »

  • Trouble

    I'm having trouble
    figuring out if you're running
    from me or from you
    and I want to know... more »

  • Turning Around

    Over the years
    he has never changed
    he has never come
    he has always been... more »

  • Understanding The Unsterdstood

    Understand this and understand me
    Interperate this and interperate me
    Lie about this and lie about me
    Understand this and understand me... more »

  • Undsetstand Me

    Have you ever wanted to jump
    Have you ever wanted to leap

    Have you ever held your own hand... more »

  • Unexpected

    by: Kathlyn Grace Guerrieri
    It was unexpected
    riding on a roller coster that'll soon end... more »

  • Walk With Me, Talk With Me

    Take a step out of your house
    In a thunderstorm
    Take a step down to your sidewalk
    I'll be the shadow in the dark... more »

  • Wash Away

    Dripping like a fauset
    cold and bare
    it's barely there
    and yet the pain feels all too real... more »

  • Waves Of Tomorrow

    Sitting on the heated sand
    I watch the waves crash
    just below my feet... more »

  • We All Bleed Hope

    We all bleed the same color
    We all hope for the same things
    We all want the same sarrows
    to end with no less pain... more »

  • We Will Change, Love Will Die

    As you watch the flames vanish
    As you watch the blood dry
    As you watch the hearts mend
    As you watch others fly... more »

  • When Its Time

    When it's time
    I will be there to lead your way
    through the jungle of hope
    and the swim in the river of love... more »

  • Why

    I ask why
    and you say dont be stupid

    did you ever think... more »

  • Why You

    why is every smile fake
    why is ever word too real
    why is every kiss to long
    why is ever touch too short... more »

  • Writing

    I walk these halls
    and see as I pass
    the writing that isn't there
    it's screaming at me to be... more »

  • Young Love

    The wrinkles in your hands
    they fit so neatly into my creases
    they make my hands feel young again
    like they used to be so long ago... more »

  • Your Whole Life

    you will remember me your whole life
    as you sleep you will see me behind closed eyes
    as you dream i will be there
    savior again... more »