• Coffee And A Cigarette

    My intuition is slacking,
    and my looks are starting to fade.
    I am embarassed of myself.... more »

  • Constantly

    In this situation,
    I am always in.
    Knowing an outcome,
    knowing I would blame.... more »

  • Creation Of My Guilt

    Feeling bad for what i have created,
    and yet no guilt overcomes me.
    Is it the truth i spill when i speak these words?
    Or is it my own truth that i have subsided?... more »

  • Desperate

    Overwhelming feelings of regret and hurt fill me with the sanity I need to be calm.
    The possibility of being calm stays slim and I have judged to quickly.
    Mistakes are things I don’t make,
    But I still regret my decision.... more »

  • Faith

    Trying to make sense of it all,
    and not trying hard enough.

    Am I really who I say I am?... more »

  • Falsely Trusted

    Who can I blame?
    Is it I who tore down walls,
    or are you a professional?... more »

  • Full

    The hope of tomarrow,
    The excitment of today.
    How I know what you will ponder.
    And because you ponder me,... more »

  • I Don'T Know How To Say

    It happened so fast,
    When i open my eyes i can feel them shut.
    When i close my eyes,... more »

  • Lies You Tell Yourself

    Mostly I feel that sensitivity is a weakness.
    This is a lie I tell myself.
    When you feel you have nothing left, you always have friends.
    This is a lie I tell myself.... more »

  • Life Story

    If I could only make sense of it all.
    My life.
    My life doesn't make sense.
    Well, at least to me.... more »

  • My Own Wrath

    Frightened and scared of disprovel.
    Even though courage is my strongpoint.
    I have an ambition-to fulfill my own needs.
    If i could only find a new way to conquer.... more »

  • Nowhere Far

    Life as we know it is starting to fade.
    Humanity no longer exists.
    No hope for prosperity nor growth.
    No hunger for kindness and love.... more »

  • Paper

    I had a clean sheet of paper until i started writing.
    Writing on my mind that is not a clean sheet of paper.
    My mind is a postcard sent to everyone that listens,
    confirming my weaknesses, confirming my emptiness.... more »

  • Parental Advisory

    Holy F**k.
    I am crazy.
    My demons can't chase me.
    The thought of it all.... more »

  • The Thought Process

    Lost in thought, and found in the way you found yourself.
    Cast before me like the wind was by itself.
    And love in depth of the sea beyond
    as if you knew what i would become.... more »

  • Understatement.

    Drag me into the woods with an axe and a shovel,
    where I would be forced to kill or kill myself.
    Burying myself would be impossible,
    and living knowing I have killed is impossible.... more »