• Childhoods Crushed

    A little girl from beverly hills,
    cried from her hotel in Rome.
    For even though she had all the bills,
    she had parents who were never home.... more »

  • Dealing With The Pain

    The pain that people feel,
    is the rough past coming out.
    You just have to embrace and deal,
    so in peace may lay your doubts.... more »

  • Good Things Are Everything

    The feeling of a loving touch,
    upon my hand and heart.
    Makes my spirit and soul clutch,
    for i know he'll never depart.... more »

  • How I Want To Forget

    What we had,
    is in the past.
    But damn this is sad,
    because we thought it would last.... more »

  • Live The Life You Love..Love The Life You Live

    Through all the injustice making life not fair,
    the world is choking, gasping for air.

    Even though people differ in color, beliefs, and tongues,... more »

  • My Physical Therapy-Sports Poem

    Your strength is strong,
    but your pride is something more.
    Your heart is where it belongs,
    in your team and sport you amor.... more »

  • Only In America 2008

    The day finally came,
    where our hope was untorn.
    Shouting out Obamas famous name,
    so we don't have to cope anymore.... more »

  • Sitting Single

    Sitting, wishing, waiting for that Mr. Right,
    Been dreaming of that moment day and night.

    I have wasted too many tears,... more »

  • Teenage Love Affair

    To every breaking heart,
    there was that one person who made it whole.
    it's the fact that the love broke apart,
    that took emotions to it's toll.... more »

  • The Finer Things In Life

    Fond memories and countless good times,
    the finer things in life, cost less than dimes.

    With laughter and love to be shared to all,... more »

  • Waiting On The World To Be

    Back in the good old days,
    it was all about the 'happily ever after'.
    Now there are no sunny rays,
    but only judgmental laughter.... more »

  • Where Is The Love?

    Where is the love?
    In all the prejudice and disgrace.
    From one person to another,
    no one should be misplaced.... more »

  • With Those Dog Tags

    Away at war,
    and in a foreign land.
    Your heart being torn,
    between two great demands.... more »