• 6th Grade Poem

    6th grade rushes on,
    The work grows harder,... more »

  • A Deadly Secret

    I have witnessed something that I have kept a secret,
    It cost a lot to me and to them,
    I didn't go to anyone for help,
    I denied everything,... more »

  • A Fire Burning Inside

    This fire is lit by hate,
    When you talk it burns higher,
    And hotter,
    When your around it won't leave,... more »

  • A Mockingbird's Love

    I sit here looking out my window,
    And there atop a tree,
    Happens to be a mockingbird nest,
    As I peer over my shoulder,... more »

  • A River's Run

    Just like a river,
    Life goes on and on,
    Sometimes it gets shallow,
    And sometimes it gets deep,... more »

  • A River's Speed (3rd In Set Of A Rivers Run And The Way The River Run's, And A Rivers Speed)

    The speed of the river never changes,
    It goes at the same pace and to the same place,
    But if you can't keep up then you will get left behind,
    Yes it's swift pace makes it a never ending race,... more »

  • Adaptation

    We all have to adapt to something,
    But what is adapting all about,
    Letting things slide and slip into something else,
    Adapting brings good and bad things,... more »

  • Bright Blue Moon

    We gaze at the moon,
    And feel each others warmth and light,
    But tonight just as I went to look,
    I see the lightning strike,... more »

  • Brother

    My brother is a wonderful person,
    He gives me advice that no one else could,
    When my friends didnt understand or care,
    He was always there,... more »

  • Cant Be Saved

    I cant find my way,
    I cant block out the voices,
    Cant stop fallowing the light guiding me,
    Cant stop thinking of you,... more »

  • Can'T Get You Off My Mind

    I’m here in a place,
    Where playing in the sand is the thing to do,
    But instead I want to be with you,... more »

  • Dancing In The Moon Light

    His eyes twinkle in the moon light,
    The blue in them is so deep,
    That they pull me in,
    After him,... more »

  • Don'T Take The Fast/Easy Road

    Some things are meant to be challenging,
    To give our faith and will a chance,
    But we always have a choice,
    And the other is,... more »

  • Dreams/Nightmares

    While deep asleep at night,
    We let our imaginations run,
    They aren't always remembered,
    But a part if us never forgets the feelings felt,... more »

  • Everytime

    Everytime I read what you sent me,
    I melt in my seat,
    Everytime you send me a secret message,
    I feel like you are near,... more »

  • Far Away

    I am far away from you,
    And I am blue,
    I see the ocean outside,
    And think of you,... more »

  • Fear

    Fear is something we all have,
    It's something we don't prefer people to know,
    But sooner or later we meet face-to-face with that fear,
    And if you've never told anyone then who's to stand near,... more »

  • Fire! ! !

    Since my house burnt down in August of 2005,
    It hasn't been the same for me,... more »

  • Fly Away

    I wish i could spread my wings,
    And fly away from this harsh place,
    I dont need to stay any longer,
    For all i see here is pain and hurt,... more »

  • Forgotten Words

    You said things to make me happy,
    You said things to cheer me up,
    But all those were forgotten words when you hit me,... more »

  • Grandmother

    She taught me how to cook,
    She taught me how to sew,
    I have always thought of my grandmother as…
    A rather strong woman,... more »

  • Grandpas

    My grandfathers were wonderful men,
    They both were willing to help our country,
    The coast guard and the air force was their calling,
    They came back and married their sweethearts,... more »

  • Greece

    Greece must be a wonderful place,
    Because you are there,
    You have the most gorgeous eyes,
    That gleam and let me know,... more »

  • Guided By The Stars

    Guided by the stars I walk along this narrow path,
    That brings me to my destination,
    Of a lonely place that no one understands,
    A place consisting of nothing,... more »

  • He

    He lies awake at night thinking about her,
    Wanting her back with all his heart,
    She left him today with a torn memory,
    She told him to meet her in the courtyard,... more »