• Suicide

    I contemplate this thought,
    A thought of giving up,
    A thought of suicide,... more »

  • The Beauty In The Sky

    It alights the sky,
    With it’s magnificent glow,
    It brings hope to those who are blue,
    With it’s radiant light,... more »

  • The Beauty In Us All

    We all are beautiful inside,
    Some just tend to think it isn’t so,
    But where would all the beauty go?
    We all have something interesting,... more »

  • The Undying

    I am the undying,
    I have died inside,
    I have died emotionally,
    I have died mentally,... more »

  • The Way The River Runs (Sequal To River's Run)

    The way the river runs never changes,
    It has a certain flow,
    And once that flow is broken it isn't ever quite the same,
    It has a path that never changes,... more »

  • Under The Summer Rain

    We have laughed and cried on the hood of this old pick-up truck,
    Our talks weren’t ever really romantic,
    Mostly about the latest news and about life,
    But nothing serious,... more »

  • What Hurts The Most

    What hurts the most is the way you looked at me,
    The way it felt like you didn’t care,
    The way it looked as if there was no hope left,... more »

  • Where Have You Gone

    I wrote this after 3 of my grandparents passed away.

    I miss you so much,
    I never got to say good bye,... more »

  • Why Is It So Hard

    Why is it so hard to let go of something,
    I want to so bad,
    I want to forget the fight and the love,
    Forget letting myself love,... more »

  • Why Live

    I feel the darkness floating in,
    I feel as if I must die,
    The pain I just can’t bare,
    The thoughts of living,... more »

  • Window Boy

    He sits there and watches me,
    Tear stained cheeks pressed against the window,
    Swollen eyes fallowing my trail,
    I flash a smile in his direction and only then,... more »

  • You

    I hope you’re who you say you are,
    Sweet, caring, thoughtful,
    I hope you’re who I think you are,
    Loving, creative, funny,... more »

  • Your Hearts

    Your hearts have been misplaced,
    They have been slaughtered inside you,
    They fade to the darkest gray,
    So you have little to no mercy,... more »