• Clearly Bored In English.

    I stand on an edge.
    Moving my feet closer and closer.
    My toes go over.
    Rid these thoughts ill regret of mine.... more »

  • Deafening Silences

    I sit here alone only my thoughts beside me.
    No one truly caring only pretending to notice.
    They can stare but I do not care.
    Do not try to understand for even I do not.... more »

  • Gabriel's Curse

    Forgive me Gabriel for I am drawn to sin.
    The desolation left by my pain within.
    I find it far too hard to contain my pride.
    So it is left showing on the outside.... more »

  • I Was Only 14.

    Waters flow as feelings show.
    Hidden away from the day.
    No one sees the hurt inside.
    A heart rips as a person cries.... more »

  • Light In The Darkest Places

    See my angel, I am here.
    Hold me close, so I am near.
    I love you so, more than you know.
    Kiss me now, hold me tight.... more »