I'm a student at a HS in Ypsilanti. I first discovered I loved to write in the 3rd grade when one of our assignments was to write a story about anything we wanted to. I wrote a poem on how to get to the center of the earth in 7 easy steps. It was a major hit. At that time I didn't realize I loved it so much...I guess it was because I was forced to do it. When I write, it has to come from the heart and not from an assignment I have to do, ya know? !


Kathryn Thomas Poems

A Tribute To A Brother

To tribute to your kindness
In words is not enough
To tell of your caring
For me and others is wasting time... more »

Roses And Life

A rose is a rose
Unless you look at it closely
And discover its soul
See it's deepest fears... more »


Every day's the same
Every day a new me
Can you guess
Who I am today... more »

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Samuel Hayes 09 May 2006 07:07
hey kat stay strong and keep writing!
Samuel Hayes 09 May 2006 07:06
hey kathryn stay strong and keep writing!