• A Child Unknown

    Crimson snow
    Is all they see
    That’s all they remember
    Of Mary... more »

  • A Simple Gesture

    You looked into my soul
    And figured out who I was
    You captivated my heart
    And taught me how sing... more »

  • A Tribute To A Brother

    To tribute to your kindness
    In words is not enough
    To tell of your caring
    For me and others is wasting time... more »

  • Angels

    Always lend an ear when you
    Need a friend to listen to your
    Groaning and griping and
    Eagerly give you advice about... more »

  • Could You Love Me

    Could you love me
    With these flaws and imperfections
    That tear my soul to shreds
    And murder those around me... more »

  • Echoes Of Angels

    Echoes of the past
    Ringing through my head
    Flashes of memories
    Playing across my face... more »

  • Love

    How could something
    So complicated
    Have such a simple name... more »

  • Masks

    Every day's the same
    Every day a new me
    Can you guess
    Who I am today... more »

  • Oblivion

    I'm walking into oblivion
    With nothing but my thoughts
    To keep me company
    I'm thinking about the... more »

  • Room To Grow

    My wings
    Where did they go?
    They’re shrinking
    They’re cramping in pain... more »

  • Roses And Life

    A rose is a rose
    Unless you look at it closely
    And discover its soul
    See it's deepest fears... more »

  • Sea Of Faces

    My head is pounding
    My face is drowning
    In a sea of faces
    That aren't my own... more »

  • Smile

    Through bad and good
    You've always been there
    To help us out and
    Give us a smile to... more »

  • Smiling

    I save my smiles
    For now is not the time
    To be smiling... more »

  • Sonnet Of A Cherished Love

    I feel you next to me
    As I cry beneath the willow
    These tears are not of sorrow
    Nor pain, despair... more »

  • Special Friend

    You were someone I could talk to
    When no one would hear me out
    When no one would stay
    When I said 'Hey! '... more »

  • Spring

    Fresh cut grass after a rain;
    A rainbow in the sky;
    Doves cooing their beautiful songs;
    Baby birds chirping for food;... more »

  • The Blessed Road

    This road I’m going down
    Has many twists and turns
    Hills and valleys
    Cracks and crevasses... more »

  • The Untitled Trilogy

    For one year you loved me
    You held my hand
    You kissed me
    You held me... more »

  • Through It All

    Will you be there through it all?
    Will you catch me when I fall?
    All these years I've waited
    Just to see your face... more »

  • Voices

    The voices of our world
    Are slowly fading away
    Day by day
    And... more »

  • World Of Followers

    All alone in this world
    No one to turn to
    No one to talk to
    A needle among many... more »