• A Angle

    A angle is waiting for me
    A angle is waiting on you
    An angle is waiting on us
    Lets go meet our angle... more »

  • Daylight Or Night Time

    Daylight is good to work with
    Nighttime is good for sleeping
    Wich is better
    Daytime or night time... more »

  • Every Time I Look At You

    I can't stand the awkwardness
    Do I laugh
    Do I cry
    Do I dare remember your pretty eyes... more »

  • Friend Ship

    Friend ship is a great thing to have
    When you're in trouble
    Call on a friend
    When you have friend ship... more »

  • Horses

    H is for helping
    O is for Outstanding
    R is for Radint
    S is for their way of Singing... more »

  • I Get Carried Away

    I don't take my drinks to extremes
    I don't believe in chasin'
    Crazy worlds all over
    My feet are planted... more »

  • I Left

    I left without leavin' a number
    Said I needed to clear my mind
    It was almost a year before I called him up
    Three rings and an answering machine is what I got... more »

  • I Never Said Goodbye...

    I hope you know that I never said good bye
    And that I will love you till my blood runs dry
    I had never felt the kind of love you gave
    I am a child... more »

  • Love Me

    If your going to love me
    Love me
    If your going to break me
    Go away... more »

  • Loving You

    You can turn me loose
    Tear me up
    And run me down
    Cause me shame... more »

  • Numbers

    I see numbers
    I feel numbers
    What are numbers
    Numers are small... more »

  • Scott Clifton

    S is for the way you Sing
    C is for your Cleverness
    O is for being the Only One for me
    T is for your Testimony... more »

  • Spells Of Life

    The spells of life can be harmful
    Or they can be playful
    Depending on what
    The spell of life is... more »

  • The Dark

    The dark is here
    I like the dark
    The dark comes and goes
    The darl is good... more »

  • The Horse

    I know my math
    I know the rules
    I know the horses
    But where's mine... more »

  • The Light

    The light is bright
    Too bright
    I like the dark
    The light comes and goes... more »

  • The Music

    I hear the music
    The music is playing
    The music is soft
    The music is now fading... more »

  • The Pity

    The pity the pity
    To one who knows pity is the one to win most
    Who knows the pity
    Who knows the pity... more »

  • The Song

    I heard a song
    It was a love song
    The song changed my point of view
    The song made me relise... more »

  • Tick Tock

    Tick tock
    The clock tick tocks
    Tick tock
    It wont stop... more »

  • To Love Or Not To Love

    To Love Or Not To Love
    That is the question
    Should or shouldn't we
    To know love... more »

  • What Others Do

    What others do is no matter
    What others do makes no sence
    Its their life
    Not mine... more »

  • Write Down This Little Note

    never saw
    How fools are kinda blind
    Everything was goin alright
    But I was runnin away... more »