KTK Kathryn Tyler King 03/24/1946

I have been remarried for 10 years to a wonderful Texan who also cooks me right out of the kitchen. We both love to fish and he also loves to hunt but hasn't yet.

My former husband passed away 16 years ago from cancer and we were married 27 years. My youngest son Daniel moved to Phoenix to get schooled in welding. You can see more about me and some of my writings on Facebook and my blog www.princesstrinkadink.blogspot.com

I led worship at a church in Gallup, NM for 9 years. I've been involved with worship for over 40 years in several cities in Arizona and then in Gallup. Now, I've found a church where I can share my gifts in music. However, I miss sharing, teaching and leading worship.

I have four sons working and living in Phoenix. They are all very talented artistically and musically.

It seems like I've been writing either poems or songs for over 50 years. The words seem to just pour out of me freely. I have an easy going nature and love God and His creation and people that have come into my life. His Love is very prevalent in my poetry since I seriously started writing back in 1968.

The subject matter of my poems range from relationships with God, family or friends, to nature and the beauty of God's creation, to the events that surround us daily in the news and in our community.



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