• 1th December

    ...on international AIDS Day.

    December falls
    With cold frost... more »

  • Butterfly

    flying... more »

  • Conversations Of Self With Self

    Self converses with Self
    Both dwell deep within
    Behold the power each yield... more »

  • Dark Morning

    Dark morning
    — — Dedicated to victims of Earthquake (Tibet):

    1... more »

  • Elegy

    heart lost... more »

  • Fettered Horse

    let me spread the unfettered image of hope
    beneath the heavy saddle of life
    which I carry on my back... more »

  • Ghost Wind

    A shadow devoid of body and mind
    walks a darkened footpath
    searching for the meaning of life
    driven by a sinful mind... more »

  • Haiku

    Long hazy day`s dreams
    angel`s love resides within... more »

  • I Hold My Candle

    Silent foreboding behind prison's door
    shadows of the willow scatter across your pillow
    rivers of tears do not wash away the darkness
    I hold my candle to shine Light on your soul... more »

  • Immortal Moments

    Life's shimmering candle light glows
    but like the roaring sea or merciless wind
    silent and ferocious, death comes at moment's notice
    and the shimmering candle light no longer shines... more »

  • In The Deserted Street

    In The Deserted Street

    Wandering lonely through silent and chill night, Kathup is a street Arab.... more »

  • In This Life I Saw

    a man
    devoid of limps
    lying on the ground
    a headless horse... more »

  • Lake Yamdrok

    The heart bleeds,
    and life carries,
    with the turning time,
    waves of legacy... more »

  • Life

    To dedicate my late Father.

    Life is just like a guest house,... more »

  • Life & Rock

    A vivid grass
    Growing on the rock!... more »

  • Lotus Flower

    You radiate
    Into my mind
    Your spirit
    Divine... more »

  • March Reflections

    March Reflections

    A dark fog
    wrapped itself around Lhasa... more »

  • Night Hawk

    Fly to me as the glow of dusk settles in
    Cries from the sky are heard
    Flowers sleep as evening smiles... more »

  • Pilgrim

    In the storm I admire the spirit of prayer flag!
    In the snow I enjoy the beauty of snow flower!

    The suffering makes me realize the happiness!... more »

  • Shooting Stars

    Stars shine brightly over the desert floor
    Rekindling the light in my heart
    I want to share this beautiful night
    Oh, how lovely is the nectar of the divine... more »

  • Sliver Dream

    To a curly hair girl

    Last night, I dreamt in the dream... more »

  • Snow In March

    In March

    the cold wind cries
    through my ownless window... more »

  • Snowflake

    The cuckoo bird flew North
    while the snow flower bade farewell to summer
    winter`s heart saw a crystal vision fall softly to earth
    spreading white flakes upon the ground... more »

  • Songbird

    Under the blue sky
    Thoughts soar on clouds with wings
    To you, sweet singer
    With your natural beauty... more »

  • Sunset (Or One Never Knows How To Die)

    Draw the footprint... more »