• Angel Of Darkness

    The angel of darkness
    Is the key to my soul

    It's the key to the darkest part of my heart... more »

  • Beautiful Love

    What is love?
    Is it nice or beautiful?

    But is it love when you cheat?... more »

  • Brothers

    Brothers, brothers everywhere,
    You are high and now your low.

    You are a pig when you eat your food... more »

  • Burning A Dream

    Protecting each dream, right in the center
    A few wishes glow a long time.
    The desire goes first, then outer ideas
    Fading away, leaving nothing behind.... more »

  • Darkness

    The darkness that consumes me.
    The darkness That hunts Me.
    The Darkness That Follows me.
    The darkness that hurts me.... more »

  • Dead Or Alive


    Dead or Alive... more »

  • Dear Best Friend

    Dear Best Friend

    Dear best friend, how are you?
    No scratch that.... more »

  • Death

    Death is no joke
    Death is something i'm afraid of

    It's saying goodbye to life... more »

  • End It

    At times when i'm all alone, i'm thinking should I end it?
    Should I end the days where I " Smile" all day long?

    Should I let go of my very own life?... more »

  • Evil Home

    Why am I here?

    Each day gets worse
    The timing is awful... more »

  • Faded

    What happens to a fading dream?

    Does it dry up
    Like a flower without water or sun?... more »

  • Fairytale V.S Reality

    A Fairytale is just a story
    A story that is a bit confusing
    But yet happy and jumping with joy.... more »

  • Fake Smile

    There are so many things

    That can be hidden... more »

  • Falling

    Everyday I'm falling

    Down, down into empty space... more »

  • Father

    10 years old was all it took.
    You left no note.
    You left us all alone.
    You broke everything.... more »

  • First Dance

    Dance is a different story
    It's putting emotion into your movement
    Making you feel free
    As if your problems and worries... more »

  • First Kiss

    I've only dreamed of a kiss with a little sizzle to it
    One that would leave me breathless
    One that would make me want more
    One that you see in romance movies and shows... more »

  • Flowers

    Flowers, Flowers everywhere
    So many colors

    Yellow, blue... more »

  • Friendship

    Friendship is so beautiful
    Friendship is something that can't be replaced.

    It's delicate as a beautiful butterfly... more »

  • I Write

    I write to be heard,
    I write to be understood,
    I write to show emotion,... more »

  • I'm Cool

    I'm really cool
    I left school

    So it's cool... more »

  • I'm Sorry

    I'm sorry for not completing My work.
    My dreams, My Job, My goals.

    I'm sorry for not meeting your Expectations.... more »

  • Let Her Go

    If you love someone than tell them.

    All you have to do is say it.... more »

  • Life Or No Life At All

    Life is gold
    Life is precious
    Life is all you have... more »

  • Memory

    A memory is just what you are,
    You are someone from My past.

    Someone who I used to know very well... more »