well i am 17, i am living in a group home, i have been dealing with some tough shit over the past 10 months but guess what i got through it. it wasn't easy. but i got the help i needed and now i am in a great place, learning how to be independent and just learning to be myself.


Katie Huntress Poems

Her Suicide

She sits in class
wondering what am i going to do
she talks to her friends
they say she needs to stop... more »


Candle burning in the dark,
Some ones watching from the dark,
I slash my wrist and
Hope to die,... more »

Thank You

Thank you,
For your words of inspiration,
Thank you,
For helping out,... more »

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Comments about Katie Huntress

Poet Dragon 14 Apr 2006 12:57
In the pace of two poems I think I fell in love with a part of this writer. Her poetry is phenomenal, and her heart is true. It isn't just anyone who could conceive such lack of craving for convention and break a little bit of starkness into her work until you thank yourself for taking the time to read her work. Chin up, Float your heart grasp time by its tail and swing... You are a force, a power, love that and do not turn away.
Ashely Jensen 14 Nov 2005 10:20
I really like it it is very dark and truthful about your life. A lot of people dont understand what you are going through so just let out your feeligs just dont do anything stupid ok.
Mary Nagy 02 Nov 2005 03:59
Katie, You write from your heart and that is the most wonderful poetry of all. Keep writing, you have a real talent. Your poems have really touched me, I will think of you. Sincerely, Mary