• Brave Girl

    I was always brave as a little girl
    I sat alone at lunch everyday
    I never was one with many friends.
    I hope and prayed the day away,... more »

  • Eulogy

    There will be no eulogy for this weak, wretched girl
    For nothing was found of great character
    There will be no memory of this young, lost girl
    For her whole life, she was dead.... more »

  • Fragile

    Don't touch, for she may break;
    The fragile little girl, whose heart you could never take.
    Her eyes were cold and empty, her heart lay on the bedroom floor.... more »

  • Goodbye

    So it came the time to say our goodbye.
    We knew very well that it'd be our last farewell.
    His eyes were red and tired from holding back the tears.
    And his words were weak and empty from his medication all those years.... more »

  • Life

    My life is turning over again,
    and one again it's no better.
    I'm breaking the skin, shedding the blood,
    And my heart is turning black with every tear I cry.... more »

  • White Lie

    And once again the quiver of your voice makes it so hard to believe what you say.
    Maybe it's the long distance phone calls that keep you up till 4 a.m.
    Or that you hate so much what you've made me.... more »