• A Lovers Pain Over Cancer!

    your smiling face,
    its such a grace
    your beautiful face
    it just brightens my day... more »

  • Alex

    She was my best friend
    Then we grew apart.
    she has done things that i do not agree with...
    like always sneeking out at night.... more »

  • Blog

    Today is my bestfriends birthday....
    is he actually my best friend? ? ?
    He is always makeing fun of me or teasing me somehow.
    he hits me and kicks me and hurts me bad.... more »

  • Breaking Up Poem

    Shouts in my ear, music in the background, beer in my hand
    not the night i wanted to spend with you.
    you said i love you and i said i love you too.
    our anniversary night,... more »

  • Cookies

    Chocolate chip,
    peanut butter,
    oatmeal raisn.
    yum yum yum.... more »

  • Dearest Brother! (Song)

    Oh brother of mine, why don't you just die tonight.

    oh brother, oh brother, oh brother... just die tonight.... more »

  • Death Of Loved One (To Kim)

    Though this pain of life and death,
    our lives seem to come and go
    even through the breathless nights
    or the moaning of two lovers glow... more »

  • Emo

    Once upon a time,
    in my screwed up life,
    i stood beside you
    for a second or two... more »

  • Friday

    Welcome to my life......on a friday...

    Wake up: 6: 30 am
    after my wakening i do my hair fix my nails, find the perfect outfit bring a extra outfit that will match my hair and my makeup for after fitness class.... more »

  • High Shool Girls (Song)

    Life as me,
    is just a party

    a teenaged girl,... more »

  • Hugo (Friend)

    You feed me blizards in the hall,
    we always have a ball
    i like when we go tanning,
    were so hot we need fanning.... more »

  • I Am Just Me! (Song)

    I am the girl with a million personalities,
    i am the one, that will set you free.

    i am the girl with brightly colours,... more »

  • I Can See You (Song)

    I can see you,
    i can hear you,
    but your not there... more »

  • I Hate Life


    School is coming to an end!
    The summer fun just begins.... more »

  • 'Just Friends'

    i think about you all the time,
    but were *just friends*
    i dream about you almost every night
    but were *just friends*... more »

  • Old People

    the mind a simple but complicated place.
    as it grows old, things just start to erase,
    the memories of the long loved,
    the family members of lost,... more »

  • So Far Away(This Is A Song)

    So far away,
    i can see you,
    reaching out i hear your voice,
    inside me... more »

  • The Darkness, Its Alone

    The window, its open...
    baby can't you see.
    The rain, its falling...
    tearing down on me.... more »

  • You

    The pain everyday,
    it just wont go away,
    some one stop me,
    someone bag me to stay,... more »