• Be Your Self

    ... more »

  • Imagination

    Kids they have imagination they see things and see the good in them
    like a cloud no matter who you are some way you can think a cloud is a... more »

  • Little Brother

    I have never met you but thats ok, i will and when that time comes
    don't worry i'll love you wether your short, tall, or funny looking becuase... more »

  • Love

    Love what is love
    love is how a guy kissis your forhead and is kind
    not lustful and just out to get one thing
    love is a part of our lifes and you cant... more »

  • Missing Him

    I dont wanna be afraid that your not ok any more im scared, i'm scared
    that when my time comes you wont be, but when i look to the sky with... more »

  • The Fire Within

    Fire inside burning to comeout, full of pain, of hate.
    Nothing to gain, nothing but misery, but dont worry
    someone or something is going to come. &put out the
    fire &make the pain go away the pain of loss&of distrust... more »

  • Why

    why me why would you do this
    you promised me every thing
    and now what idont uderstand
    boy your just worken my never... more »