• A Good Measure

    Emptiness -
    Spread thinly over a slice of non-existence.

    Hollowness -... more »

  • A Life Or Death Situation

    One afternoon, the doorbell rang
    And not expecting any guest,
    I looked outside and realised
    My visitor was Death.... more »

  • A One-Way Track

    A train of time,
    Ticking its track,
    Chooing its chase,
    Without looking back.... more »

  • A Small Seed...

    A small seed is flung onto sparse barren land,
    Trying so desperately to understand.
    The bright Sun rises far off in the West,
    Ever-determined in its new-found quest.... more »

  • Always...

    Faces of triviality floating
    On shallow seas.
    I do not belong.... more »

  • An Annum Of Element

    A void of vacuum,
    A block of blank,
    An annum of element topping my tank.... more »

  • Beggar

    You look and I
    Avert my eyes,
    So you cannot see the complexities of guilt and fear
    Unjust and ignorant of sight.... more »

  • Black And Blue

    Impatient with scold, destroying your hue,
    Black has no time for the anguish of Blue.
    The sky yearns for hope, yet weak in its fight,
    Its voice is swallowed, eclipsed by night.... more »

  • Bus Ride In Bangalore

    ... more »

  • Can You...

    Can you feel the insufferable sulphur rush
    Bubbling mixt your blood?
    No pain is felt, no odour smelt,
    Yet a red-black thick as mud.... more »

  • Death Of A Playwright

    I cried today,
    For some far-off distant light
    I never touched,
    But was touched by... more »

  • Disillusioned.....

    Disillusioned confusion
    Of a bent-backed heart
    With folding creases,
    And a sour hope... more »

  • God's Disgrace

    The second flood swept clean,
    Yet there was Cohn left all alone,
    Till from the very clouds above,
    God's voice began to moan.... more »

  • I Saw Today...

    I saw today
    The sea lick the sand
    So gently, it left nothing but a sparkle of sincerity
    Reflected by the sun's smile.... more »

  • If You.....

    If you have heard the silent sonnet whispered soulfully by Milford's Sound,
    Or watched Pukaki's pallette brush pastels through the burning sky,
    If you have felt the rise of Kaikoura's green edge looming over the restless deep,
    Or watched, for a moment, the wash, sinking into Piha's silken dark hands,... more »

  • Just A Moment

    I touched a moment;
    It felt
    Pure,... more »

  • Laboon

    As the white hits the blue -
    A thousand droplets jump to find their optimum,
    Each in the reach
    Of the mighty hand that waves all life away:... more »

  • Nietzche Notes....

    And so my path was chosen,
    Masking my soul,
    Creating an illusion,
    That that too was my goal.... more »

  • Remembrance Day

    I remember that day well -
    Fast-tracked and fleeting,
    Scores of blank faces streaming,
    Racing like rats in the rush... more »

  • Sadness

    I like the sound of Sadness.
    It rests pure,
    On a rusty red heart
    Bulging,... more »

  • Stagnant

    ... more »

  • Stasis

    ... more »

  • The All Seeing Eye

    ... more »

  • The Blithedale Betrayal

    You Blithedale Utopians, why couldn't you see,
    A world that is perfect never can be?
    It took you a while, but at long last you learnt,
    Reality struck hard; it scalded; it burnt.... more »

  • The Chameleon

    A chameleon crawls along a stalk of omnipotency,
    His feet tread on green; his skin matches,
    Ahead he sees a potential mate,
    He changes colour:... more »