Words are my World
Poems are my pleasure
Poets past Present
And future are my friends

My Favorites are:
Wordsworth Blake
Heats& Shelly Oscar WILDE
And of course SHAKESPEARE
You are all my FAVORITES
From now if you write
a few more good LINES



Sky Without An Address

Jasmine smiles
and Rose too with thorns all around
Breeze wonders when it enters the garden...... more »

Penguin Penguin You Are Iceland Queen

Gentle gentle little bird
Nothing is gentler than you in this world!

Flutter flutter butterfly... more »

Nature Is Canvas Painting Of Almighty

Heart is book of poetry
Nature is canvas painting of Almighty
Dancing flowers are players in the theater of beauty
Flying birds and running animals are earth's natural company... more »


Steering is on Left or on Right in Cars But you drive through the Right Path.
Road Wisdom
Democracy works on the principle of numbers But its Strength lies in Thinking Numbers.
For thinking people only
Dietician gives digestive recipe Beautician gives cosmetic recipe Poetician must give both cosmetic and digestive recipe for aesthetic taste.
For aesthetic taste

Comments about KAVIN CHARALAN

Elaine Battersby 12 Mar 2012 10:46
Kavin, thanks for your comment about my poem vioce of truth.Much appreciated, as I have just started writing, again I will loking over your poems. Regards Elaine Battersby