• After The Wind Blows

    After the dangers the wind has caused,
    We will be refreshed with new hopes,
    We will forget the troubled times we've been through,
    All the trauma the wind has caused will be history,... more »

  • Cry The Beloved State


    Cry and wail as much as you can,... more »

  • I Got Flowers

    I got a banquet but it wasn't my birthday,
    Well packed and sprayed with good scents,
    The banquet was filled with flowers,... more »

  • Maama


    It's your whispers i hear whenever i keep quite,... more »

  • Never Let Me Go

    Hand in hand,
    I walked with him,
    He took me to the top of a hill,
    And told me what i longed to hear,... more »

  • Renaissance

    From a far distance,
    The beats were heard,
    With such a joy they were sounded,
    One would feel the happiness they resurrected,... more »

  • Stretch Marks

    These stretch marks my son, prove me a woman,

    One of those who has been ordained,... more »

  • The African Woman

    On a live bed smoothened by dry grass in a sack she sits upright,

    Busy plucking off the leaves that have sprung on the four supports of her bed... more »

  • Whenever It Rains

    Whenever it rains
    I get flash backs,
    My soul is thrust to a place far away,
    Emotions start piling themselves in me,... more »