• .touch...

    You touching me
    Erasing all memories
    Our eyes would meet
    Losing all awareness... more »

  • :) Right Here Waiting...

    In the middle of strange crowd
    He embraces and hugs me
    With his big broad shoulders
    I feel invisible and safe... more »

  • ~ You. Me. Temptations. ~

    Forceful Mind once set
    Can build strong to its top... more »

  • ~ Like A Kite I Am ~

    Soaring towards the sky
    I always fly and aim high
    Inhibitions I truly defy... more »

  • ~ Rebirth ~

    Send me
    A Lei of weeds
    A bouquet of thorns
    Drink my blood... more »

  • ~ Unaware ~

    Oblivious of my surrounding
    I remain in my own world... more »

  • A Beautiful Face

    Each time is breathtaking
    My fascination of you is endless
    In a trance like I am dreaming
    Suddenly I am speechless... more »

  • A Beautiful Sunday Morning

    The leaves are dancing with the wind
    Birds are playing, chirping and singing
    Everyone I meet every face are grinned
    Happy spirits even the hearts are laughing... more »

  • A Friend Named Dimbie

    Dimbie? No! He is not gay!
    He is just a real disaster
    A natural one I’d say
    Aussie says he’s wowser... more »

  • A Response To 'Uncertainty'

    Even in the midst of a boundless love
    There will be an aching ambiguity
    Give us something we can hold on to
    A promise of tomorrow and forever... more »

  • A Rose In A Bottle

    I’m just sitting here thinking
    Why did we have to say goodbye
    I wished we had more time
    For things we normally hide... more »

  • A Song For Anthony

    Please help me pray today
    For a dear friend as I care
    Be here with me for a day
    Help me talk to our Maker... more »

  • A Wish For Andrea

    Finding out you are ill is quite a fright
    Hang in there and give it some time
    Though nothing seems to be working right
    I am confident you’d be back in shape in no time... more »

  • A Year Long Story

    January we met
    Friends and families are gone
    Holiday blues are slowly creeping
    Quietness surrounds, stillness deafening... more »

  • All Wrong

    You are all wrong from the day I met you
    They say insanity draws me towards you
    I say it is fascination and nothing else matter
    I feed from your passion to ease my hunger... more »

  • Alone On Vacation

    Hot restless August days
    Can’t seem to quench my thirst
    Dry summer August nights
    Can’t seem to get you off my mind... more »

  • Annie (Unlike Mine)

    Her heart unlike mine
    More robust than it seems
    Her mind unlike mine
    Is brighter than sunshine... more »

  • Autumn


    Fall is the only time of the year
    When you fall in love with everything... more »

  • Bah! Humbug!

    Wherefore art thou my valentine
    Crawl back in bed and go hide
    It’s only a card with a heart inside
    You don’t have to be Einstein... more »

  • Battles

    When the road seems too rough
    I pretend I am not frightened
    In spite of struggles I will not stop
    I will walk every obstacle ahead... more »

  • Beautiful Life

    What a wonderful day! ! !
    I feel so light and playful... more »

  • Behind The Sneers

    I had a big giant chokecherry tree
    Last winter it fell like a clumsy twig
    Today a seemingly strong person quit
    As usual I had another outlandish epiphany... more »

  • Bring My Baby Back...

    Take me back to the 60s
    Let me be among the hippies
    At the Haight-Ashbury district
    I shall speak against world conflict... more »

  • Broken Connection

    I welcomed you and you pried into my life
    You try to break my spirit and my quiet soul
    Every word you say is digging like a knife
    Sometimes your tongue is way out of control... more »

  • Bye Baby

    Give me a hug bye baby

    Instantly I
    Wrapped my arms around you... more »