• Chasing Stars... Catching Dreams...

    We spend our entire life chasing dreams
    It’s either a man that can make us scream
    Or the perfect diet that makes us fit and slim... more »

  • Choices

    Unlike my drawings I am not black and white
    I look beyond today when I make my decision
    Unlike my writings I am not inside a closed box
    I have options and can choose a different direction... more »

  • City Of Pines

    To me it’s a mountain, to some it’s a hill
    I have traveled south, far east and west
    This tiny mound on the map is my idyllic hideaway... more »

  • Cries

    I hurt for no reason
    Crying to get your attention
    You look at me I sob quietly
    Walk away and I scream louder... more »

  • Dayz Away

    Approaching the realization of a dream
    Chained to the edge of uncertainty
    Every nerve are about to scream
    I don’t think I can hold on to sanity... more »

  • Do You Always?

    The disturbed flower may not bloom
    Even for a selfless bee in need of the crown
    The tempered sun may just stay in gloom
    Even if you beg for a little shine with a frown... more »

  • Don'T Break Me

    If only for a few weeks
    I will be your toy
    For whatever means
    I will give you joy... more »

  • Don'T Call Me...

    I love smart phones
    (Can’t tell where I am)
    When I am not home
    I still get your IMs... more »

  • Don'T Drool

    I love like no other
    Hey soft heart of a fool
    See my eyes sparkle
    Giving you the rule... more »

  • Drama Queen

    (A Blog)

    Woman! My ears are ringing
    You never stop complaining... more »

  • Dreamed The Dream

    I dreamed of me last night
    Of how I dreamed to become
    In my dream I was not me
    But I was her how I envied to be... more »

  • Embracing Spring

    Morning drizzles
    Nice shades of greens
    Warm embraces
    Sweet whispers... more »

  • Emma

    Would you like to see the beauty of Thai
    See the enchanting and astonishing women
    The lines are romantic and almost caring
    Unwary men will sure send a reply... more »

  • Fading

    Like the colors that surround
    Passion may fade
    Like the snow on the ground
    Lust will melt away... more »

  • Faith

    I was born at 7: 11 pm almost Christmas
    Seven visiting scientists cut my cord
    Gave me a nice perfect belly button
    But named me after the echoes of carols... more »

  • Fallen Through The Crack

    Another one fell through the crack
    Always look around watch out for that axe
    Get out of sight when they are curbing back
    When you’re on the clock you can never relax... more »

  • Flying High

    I would spread my wings and soar high towards the sky
    Glide in the winds and use your love my motivation to fly
    Underneath the clouds I will watch the ground from above
    Eyes searching for you in the midst of the lush paradise... more »

  • Fragile

    Fallen leaf
    In a light touch... more »

  • Fragment Ii

    It is not easy to walk away from the seed
    To give it enough time to root and grow
    Without thinking how love might be
    When it finally reach its full blossom... more »

  • Fragment Iii

    I live without fear knowing you are near
    Remove the distance space and time
    You are here there and everywhere
    Living only to love you is sublime... more »

  • Friends

    Best I can do for you
    Is to be a good friend
    I have no wealth to share
    I have no money to spare... more »

  • Goodbye Forever Love

    Stripped myself of all possession
    Look for love that never existed
    After crossing a many ocean
    Lead me back home with a severed heart... more »

  • Greed

    Intolerable starvation all over
    Hungry children dying of cold
    Some have wealth and power
    But not enough have condoled... more »

  • Happy Birthday Doc

    Your birthday
    is a worth the day
    the best day ever
    I slept all day... more »

  • Hasty Minds

    Slow down and think a bit
    Stepping back doesn’t make you look like a dimwit
    Listen to what people are saying
    Be rational you might learn something... more »